During the 2009-2011 school years, TFS assisted Myenge A school with the provision of basic teaching and school supplies. 

The Myenge A School provides free public education to students in a rural area just outside of the town of Nyamata.

When Tools For Schools first visited Myenge, there was a Grade 1 class with over 50 students seated 3 – 4 in a desk and the teacher had another 50 plus seated on the floor because their teacher was on maternity leave; there are no substitute teachers. The only teaching tools were a concrete black board and chalk. No books; no cupboard; nothing to store! No sports or play equipment.

Tools for Schools helped to provide basic teaching materials to Myenge, including benches, books, and cupboards. For the students, Tools for Schools provided student uniforms, learning materials including books, paper and pencils, as well as balls and skipping ropes. 

What We've Achieved

  • supply of basic teaching materials
  • supply to tables, chairs, storage cupboards, teacher's desks and bulletin boards.
  • provided skipping ropes and balls
  • provided student uniforms
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandela