The Roy Everest Jr. Primary Nursery at Nkora is a community-led school supported by TFS.


Our Mission

Since 2011, TFS has been involved with the building and development of the The Roy Everest Jr. Nursery School in Nkora. The school was officially opened in January, 2013 after one large complex with created, holding a 30-student classroom, toilet facility and playground. We have also provided furniture for the school, recruited teachers, and ensured that the students had smart uniforms to wear. 

On registration day 120 students wanted to attend and we only had places for 60 - 30 in the morning class, and 30 more in the afternoon. 

Work at the school has continued over the past seven years and more than 500 students have gone through the school. Further classrooms have been built, teachers have attended training classes both on site and at Green Hills Academy in Kigali and the school playground has undergone some significant upgrades. 

What We've Achieved

  • construction of a 30-student nursery classroom with reading corner
  • construction of a one-room library
  • supplied over 1000 reading and workbooks
  • delivered teacher training workshops for Nursery, Primary and Secondary teachers in the region
  • supplied furniture for the new classroom; desks, chairs, cupboards and bulletin boards
  • provided playground equipment 
  • provided toilet facilities and drinking water
  • facilitated in-service training for Nursery School teachers at Green Hills Academy
Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
— Kofi Annan